Conferenza Internazionale sulla Democrazia Diretta

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29/10/2011 10:00
30/10/2011 18:00

     International Conference on Innovations in Participatory Democracy

                     to be held on October 29-30, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic

                                                          Organized by

          MASARYK  DEMOCRATIC  ACADEMY, Hybernská 7,  110 00 Prague 1


      Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement,


In this critical period of history, to assure the survival of mankind, the only way might be to involve ordinary citizens in political decision-making. In most countries, a growing number of people are trying to do just that. The above Conference could become an important step forward in this process.


The Conference will begin on Saturday, October 29 at 10.00 am and end on Sunday, October 30 in the evening. It will be possible to register on Friday, October 28 between 4 - 6 pm or on Saturday from 9,30 am.


The conference organizers have selected several subthemes, but you can suggest other ones as well:

(1) Direct Democracy developments

(2) Models of Economic Democracy - participatory budgeting

(3) Models of Citizen Deliberation

(4) The increasing Promise and Continued Dangers of E-Democracy


Deadline for the submission of a paper abstract: August 31, 2011 (name, institution, one paragraph abstract, a name of the conference subtheme.) Please send your abstract to email adresses: jiri.polak/at) and m.brabec(at)


Let us mention that conference speakers and other participants are expected to find funds for themselves to cover the costs of attendance, travel costs and accomodation. Let us please know if you plan to attend the conference. We hope you will be able to come and are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Jiri Polak, PhD. and Martin Brabec, PhD.


Conference organizers: Marek Hrubec, PhD., Jiri Polak, PhD., Martin Brabec, PhD., Zdenek Trinkewitz, Eng., and Lukas Kantor, Mgr.

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